Zoom-It means to have a closer look of some object or scene. Its capacity is expressed in “x” e.g., 5X Zoom. If it says the camera have a 5X zoom feature then it means the camera can expand the scene for 5 times bigger than normal to get the exact scene.  There are two types of zoom features available in recent smartphone 1-Digital and 2-Optical.

Digital zoom- Here the camera doesn’t use it lenses to zoom the object (actually not zoom the object but zoom the image that is possible to capture at that moment) but the photo taken by the camera is cropped digitally itself according to the zoom requirement. So, the zoomed photo is not clear here.

Optical zoom-Here the camera uses its lenses to get a closer view of the object. The lens can move back and forth to adjust the zoom. as it uses the lens for zoom it does not lose the quality of the image. So, the user can get a good quality image.

        As it requires extra rotator for lens to move and require more space so, only a few high range smartphones have this feature.