USB OTG cable

What is USB OTG cable?

A USB On-The-Go (OTG) cable is a specialized type of USB cable that allows devices like smartphones, tablets, and other portable electronics to act as either a host or a peripheral when connected to other USB devices. In a typical USB connection, one device acts as the host (such as a computer) and the other as a peripheral (such as a keyboard, mouse, or storage device).

However, with a USB OTG cable, a device that would normally function as a peripheral can also function as a host. This means that you can connect various USB devices directly to your smartphone or tablet without needing a computer as an intermediary. This capability greatly enhances the versatility of mobile devices.

USB OTG cables typically have a micro-USB or USB-C connector on one end (which plugs into the mobile device) and a standard USB Type-A connector on the other end (which connects to the peripheral device). Some cables might also have adapters or additional connectors to support different types of devices.

What are the function of usb OTG cable?

*Connects external hard drive to a smartphone for additional external storage.

*Connects mouse, keyboard,drawing pad to a smartphone for better text input and drawing.

*Connects digital camera and other such device for direct photo and data transfer between smartphone and the device

All smartphone support usb OTG cable?

No, not all smartphone support usb OTG functionality. You should check for OTG compatibility during purchase.

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