Haptic touch

Haptic touch is a technology that provides a form of touch-based feedback by sensing the pressure or force applied to the device’s screen.

Haptic Touch allows users to perform various actions and access additional options by pressing and holding their finger on the screen. It’s similar to 3D Touch, which was available on older iPhone models, but Haptic Touch does not measure different levels of pressure. Instead, it uses a long press combined with haptic feedback (vibrations) to simulate the sensation of pressing harder on the screen.

By using Haptic Touch, users can access quick actions, preview content, and perform certain tasks without fully opening an app. For example, on the home screen, a user can long-press on an app icon to bring up a context menu with shortcuts. Haptic Touch is also used for other interactions within apps, such as peeking into emails or messages, previewing links, or accessing additional controls.

Please note that the availability and functionality of Haptic Touch may vary depending on the specific device and software version

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