Flexible LTPO AMOLED Display

Flexible LTPO AMOLED Display is a AMOLED display type which have the ability to bend or curve to some extent. They are made possible by using flexible substrates and materials that can withstand bending without breaking.

LTPO in Flexible LTPO AMOLED Display stands for Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide, which is a type of thin -film transistor(TFT) technology used in the backplane of the display. It offers several advantages including improved power efficiency. LTPO displays dynamically adjust the refresh rate, which means they can lower the refresh rate when displaying static content, reducing power usage.

Polycrystalline oxide materials used in LTPO TFTs have high electron mobility, which allows for fast response times and improved overall display performance.

LTPO technology enables finer control over individual pixels,contributing to more precise image rendering and improved color accuracy

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