Flash- It is a flash of light during a photo shoot to illuminate the scene. It helps to take photo in dark situation. To produce the flash of light usually two types of flash light used in smartphone.

 Xenon Flash-In this flash type xenon lights are used. It has a very fast and true tone light which is usable even in high-speed moving object in law light condition. Its expense is high and consumes a high power and cannot run continuously. So, a few smartphones use this light.

 Led flash-In this flash type led lights are used. These types of flash are common in smartphones as it consumes less power and can be use continuously for long time. To get a better illumination there in use of more than one led light during shot. In dual led system two different toned led lights are used, one for warm light and another for cool light which help to make the image more realistic in color.

Though it has some pros like, low battery usage, continuous lighting and less expense, it also has some cons also like as its light is slow so it is not preferable for the shoot of high-speed moving object. If we shoot in this situation then the image will come out in blur.