LCD-liquid crystal display in short LCD is a display technology in where a backlight is used to lighten up the pixel of the display.

TFT LCD- Thin film transistor in short “TFT” LCD is an upgraded technology of LCD. Here each pixel is attached to a transistor and capacitor individually.

IPS-LCD- In plane switching liquid crystal display in short “IPS LCD” is an upgraded   TFT-LCD display technology. It has wider viewing angle and less power consumption than TFT LCD.

So, it is better than TFT LCD.

AMOLED- Active-matrix light emitting diode in short AMOLED display has separate light for each pixel. It can illuminate itself and doesn’t require extra light. Each pixel has separate diode to control the pixels turned on and off. In the black part of a scene, the pixel is totally remains shut off.  And thus, user can able to see the pure black.

It is better than IPS LCD if user consider brighter, deeper dark, vibrant color, slim size display and less power consumption. And even it has wider viewing angle too.

SUPER AMOLED- It is the upgraded technology of AMOLED display. Only the touch feature is integrated with the screen, no separate touch layer is available here like AMOLED does. Otherwise, it is same as AMOLED in individual pixel lightening.

It is better than AMOLED.