LCD display vs AMOLED display

1-No individual light for each pixel1-There is individual led light are pixel itself
2-It produces natural color2-It produces high contrast color (bright part brighter, dark part darker)
3-Unable to completely show the black color. Black appears as little bit grey color because of its backlight.3-Black color is completely black as it can shut down the required pixel completely.
4-Less expansive4-Highly expensive
5-Thicker than AMOLED.5-Slim in size
6-No issues like pixel burn. So longer lifespan. 6-Pixel burn issue(death LED or reduced capacity) may be there after prolong use. So lifespan may be shorter.
7-Less power efficient.7-Power efficient
8-No in display fingerprint sensor due to high thickness8-in display fingerprint sensors may available.

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