Bluetoothbluetooth: – It is an ultra-high frequency (300Mhz-3Ghz) radio signal-based wireless communication technology. It is used to transfer data between two devices over a short distance wirelessly.Bluetooth device

           There are different versions of it like Bluetooth version 1.0,1.1,1.2,2.0,2.1,3.0,4.0,5.2 etc. Its usefulness is depending on its covering range, speed of data transfer, and power consumption. The improvement begins as the version number increases.

      The latest bluetooth version is 5.3. usually from 4.2 to the latest version user can consider for buy. Because from 4.2 the issue with 4g and Bluetooth network were corrected. And the speed and covering range also increased. 4.2 has a speed of 1mbps and a covering range of up to 60 meters. In the case of 5.2 speed is 2mbps and the covering range is up to 240 meters. To get the optimum performance 5.2 should be connected with a 5.2-enabled device otherwise if 5.2 connect with 4.2 then we will get a speed and range of 4.2 but not 5.2. it means if we connect a higher version with a lower version then it will revert to a lower one.

        Generally, user doesn’t look at the version of Bluetooth. but it is important because the version will decide the battery power consumption, data sharing speed, covering a range of, etc. So, the user should have a look at the Bluetooth version too, because it will affect using devices like Bluetooth earphones, Bluetooth watches, etc. to perform smoothly