Bixby vision

Bixby Vision is a visual intelligence platform developed by Samsung Electronics. It is an artificial intelligence (AI) technology integrated into Samsung’s Bixby virtual assistant. Bixby Vision enables users to use their smartphone camera to gather information, identify objects, and perform various tasks using visual data.With Bixby Vision, users can access a range of features and functionalities, including:

OBJECT RECOGNITION: Bixby Vision can identify objects in real-time by analyzing the images captured by the smartphone camera. It can recognize common objects such as food, landmarks, plants, and animals, providing users with relevant information about them.

Text Recognition And Translation: Bixby Vision can detect and extract text from images, such as signs, menus, or documents. It can then translate the text into different languages, helping users understand foreign languages or quickly obtain information from printed materials.

Shopping Assistance: Bixby Vision has shopping-related features that allow users to scan barcodes or images of products to obtain pricing information, compare prices from different retailers, and find similar products available for purchase.

Augmented Reality (Ar) Overlay: Bixby Vision can overlay information, graphics, or animations onto the smartphone camera view, enhancing the user’s reality. For example, it can provide AR guides for directions, display information about nearby points of interest, or add virtual effects to photos and videos.

Wine Recognition: Bixby Vision includes a wine recognition feature that enables users to scan wine bottle labels to obtain details about the wine, such as its origin, ratings, and food pairings. It’s important to note that Bixby Vision’s features may vary depending on the Samsung device model, software version, and region. Additionally, Samsung periodically updates Bixby Vision, adding new functionalities and improving its performance.

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