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Telephoto lens

Telephoto lens is a type of lens which has a long focal length. this focal length is longer than standard or wide-angle lenses. Focal length is measured in millimeters (mm).Usually telephoto lens start at 70mm and can go beyond 300mm.This long focal length helps to magnify the distant object. These type of lese is used

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web browser

web browser is a software application that is used to access and view content from webpages on the internet. most commonly used browser are Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera. Key features of browser- Bookmarks- User can save the URLs of their favorite website for further speedy access. History– Browser keeps a

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USB OTG cable

What is USB OTG cable? A USB On-The-Go (OTG) cable is a specialized type of USB cable that allows devices like smartphones, tablets, and other portable electronics to act as either a host or a peripheral when connected to other USB devices. In a typical USB connection, one device acts as the host (such as

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Micro usb cable

A micro USB cable is a type of universal serial bus (USB) cable commonly used to connect various devices to a smartphone,computer or a power source. It is characterized by its small size and compact design, making it popular for a wide range of devices, especially older smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and other electronic gadgets.The

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