What is smartphone?

Smartphone is a portable electronic device that  combination of both  mobile telephone function  and  computing function in same device. It is equipped with more advanced hardware and softwere capabilities  to perform multiple task smoothly and efficiently.

 History of smartphone:- The history of smartphone begins from  early 1990s, when IBM company developed a prototype device called ANGLER which was equipped with a touchscreen. After this development many smartphone were developed with limited feature and was expansive.

In 2007 the release of iphone was the turning point of smartphone industry and popularity.

key feature of smartphone

Web Browser:-web browser is a software application that is used to access and view content from webpages on the internet. most commonly used browser are Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera.

Key features of browser-

Bookmarks- User can save the URLs of their favorite website for further speedy access.

History– Browser keeps a past history of visited website making it easy for the user to revisit the same website easily.

Extensions and Addons-User can enhance their browsing experience adding new functionality to their browser.

Cookies and Cache management-Browser manage Cookies (small text file that store on computer) and cache (temporary storage of webpage data) to improve performance and enhance user experience